Occupational Therapy Assessment Tool

If 2 or more of the following questions are answered YES, your patient needs an Occupational Therapy Evaluation. We can also help you with Physical Therapy.
  • Does your patient have difficulty with self care tasks or performing them safely?
  • Does your patient fatigue easily during self care or ADL tasks, or become short of breath during functional activities?
  • Does your patient have a need for any type of adaptive equipment?
  • Is your patient currently receiving home health aide services?
  • Does your patient have low vision?
  • Does your patient have a neurological diagnosis (CVA, Parkinson’s, MS, TBI, SCI)?
  • Does your patient have any splinting needs?
  • Does your patient have difficulty using hands, decreased coordination, UE tremors, or any UE orthopedic injury?
  • Do your patient’s caregivers need training to assist with self care needs safely?
  • Does your patient have difficulty transferring into or out of the bathtub/shower or of/on the toilet?
If you need an Occupational Therapy consult please ask Physician for order to eval and treat by Occupational Therapy. You can quote these problems as the reasons.