Physical Therapy Assessment Tool

If 2 or more of the following questions are answered YES, your patient needs a Physical Therapy Evaluation. We can also help you assess the need for Occupational Therapy.
  • While walking around the house, does your patient hold on to furniture or walls?
  • Does your patient need help standing from a chair/couch?
  • Does your patient complain of pain in the back, gluteal region?
  • Does your patient lose balance during transfer or walking?
  • Does your patient need help with ADL’s?
  • Does your patient complain of shortness of breath or have difficulty with breathing?
  • Is your patient insecure or unsafe with mobility?
  • Does your patient feel that their legs give way or feel that they are weak?
  • Has your patient had a recent surgery involving the muscular skeletal system, the cardio system, or BKA/AKA?
  • Does your patient have a neurological diagnosis?
If you need a Physical Therapy consult please ask Physician for order to eval and treat by Physical Therapy. You can quote these problems as the reasons.